First Cultivated Eel Due in 2025

Friday, 26 January 2024

Do you like unagi? Do you like it enough to eat cultivated unagi?

According to the startup, the cultivated eel delivers the delicate texture and flavorful taste of the Japanese unagi eel (Anguilla japonica), renowned for its tenderness and rich flavor.

To demonstrate the potential of its new development, Forsea worked with chef Katsumi Kusumoto of Saido, a popular vegan restaurant in Tokyo, to craft two traditional Japanese dishes — unagi kabayaki (marinated grilled eel over rice) and unagi nigiri

I’d try it, I suppose. I am usually vegan, but is this food against that? Is cultivated meat still meat? It’s not from a living creature, so I suppose not. But I’ve seen arguments for and against from strict vegans.

At any rate, they are trying to make it available by next year when evidently the Japanese law will change which currently bans cultivated meat.

LINK: Forsea Develops World’s First Cultivated Eel Fillet, Plans Commercial Launch in 2025

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