A Note on Translations Appearing on This Site

Unless otherwise noted, all translations appearing on this site are my own. If no credit is given, you can assume the translation is mine. If the translation isn’t mine, I will almost always give the translator and/or source.

You are more than welcome to use my translations elsewhere, but if you do so then please credit me and (if possible) give a link back here, ideally back to the exact page you copied the translation from.

That’s the short version. The long one is:

When I post haiku I sometimes may explicitly mention that I am the translator. This is not so much for my ego nor for copyright reasons, rather it is because I think it’s useful info that new readers (i.e., people who likely will never see this page or haven’t seen it yet) may want to know. As a haiku reader myself, whenever I come across a haiku translation one of my first thoughts after enjoying the verse itself is usually I wonder who translated it, then I spend entirely too much time searching for that information if it’s not readily given.

But then again, I may not mention anything. If I don’t give credit to anyone, that’s because credit belongs to me.

Same goes for all non-haiku translations. In all other translations, I may mention I was the translator and/or provide a link to this page, but then again I may forget and not say anything.

For any translations that are not my own, I will do my best to either mention the translator or mention that I don’t know who the translator was but it wasn’t me (I will likely credit unknown in this case). I’ll try to give a source too, especially for the latter case. If I forget either of these and you are unsure if a translation if mine or not, feel free to contact me and ask.